Last year I changed my PDF viewer from Zathura to Sioyek.

I like Zathura a lot, but its development pace has slowed down in recent years and there was one particular bug I ran into every day as I was working on my thesis that made me look for other options (changes to an open PDF by LaTeX typesetting caused Zathura to crash). I’m glad I did because Sioyek is just great.

I also like gruvbox theme and use it in many places so I thought I’d share my Sioyek config (usually in ~/.config/sioyek/prefs_user.config) for getting a gruvbox-inspired colour theme in case anybody else looks for it:

custom_color_contrast 0.3
custom_color_mode_empty_background_color #1d2021
page_separator_color #1d2021
page_separator_width 10
custom_background_color #282828
custom_text_color #fbf1c7
search_highlight_color #7ec16e
status_bar_color #427b58
status_bar_text_color #fbf1c7

The custom colours can be enabled by the toggle_custom_colors command and the results should look something like below: